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This internal team combining complementary skills is supported by multiple networks specific to Paris Biotech Santé: the board of directors, collaborators, the evaluation committee for the incubator admissions and the selection jury for the accelerator.

Each member shows real implication as soon as they read your project: they are likely to meet the project leader to help them describe the feasibility of the strategies considered by the committee. They provide their technical knowledge and their professional network to maximise the incubated project’s chances to succeed.

For example, Cochin hospital, through their representative, participates in the preselection committee for the accelerator and the evaluation committee for the incubator. They are the favoured spokesperson for projects wishing to get medical expertise, general and specific to the clinical hub of the university hospitals (CHU).

Pr Olivier Amédée-Manesme
Pr Olivier Amédée-ManesmeCoordinateur
Stéphanie Lefebvre
Stéphanie LefebvreDirecteur Adjoint
Sophie Lochet
Sophie LochetChargée de Mission
Julie Gaudenzi
Julie GaudenziResponsable Administrative
Emilien Lamoureux
Emilien LamoureuxInformaticien

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Transparency and conflict of interest

All the members of the evaluation committee have signed a confidentiality agreement.
When a committee member considers having a conflict of interest with an examined project, they immediately inform the director of Paris Biotech Santé and the committee’s president and remove themselves from said project’s evaluation. In the same way, the team at Paris Biotech Santé shares the committee’s members list to the project leader in order to identify potential conflicts of interest. The applicant may ask for the removal of one of the committee members with justification.

Founding members

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